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thinking of rehoming your pet?

The statistics of Pit Bulls who find themselves in US Shelters is staggering. On average only 1 out of every 600 Pit Bulls will find a home from a US Shelter. The rest will be euthanized.

You may think that your Pit Bull is special because he can shake hands, or she is wonderful with kids, but these pieces of information become irrelevant . once he/she is in a shelter, he/she is just another Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes make up between 70-80% of the population in San Diego Shelters at this time. There are only two rescues in San Diego that can take these dogs. Some will get adopted, but many aren't so lucky. Do you still want to give up your dog knowing his/her chances of survival?

If you want to help your Pit Bull, please provide yourself with enough time to find a new home for him/her. Don't sit back and assume you will be able to take your Pit Bull to a rescue at the last minute. The chances of us being able to help you at the last minute are almost non-existent. We have too many dogs to help, and we will not condemn these dogs to death to save yours when you have not truly attempted to find your Pit Bull a new home.

The best chance that your dog has of finding a home is by staying with you until a new home can be found. In this instance, we can help you. We will post your dog on our courtesy listings page for a small donation of $10. In this way, your dog will be getting seen by people already looking to take in a Pit Bull.

PBRSD gets, on average, 30 calls and emails per day from people giving up their Pit Bulls. We do not have the resources to take all of these dogs in, and there's no point in getting angry with us. Our resources restrict us. Please read this page carefully and totally before contacting us needing help with your dog. Below you can find resources that may be able to help you keep your dog. We can provide trainer referrals if needed.

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why are you giving up your pet?

Before you contact us or any rescue or shelter, please read this page to make sure that you have tried everything and considered every option. Giving up your dog might be avoidable, and keeping him in his established home is infinitely preferable to trying to find him a new one. The reasons for giving up a dog are myriad. And most of them can be dealt with without the owner having to give up the dog.

My insurance won't cover me with a Pit in the house.

Have you considered changing your insurance? There are some that do not discriminate against breed. Two of them are State Farm and Farmers. There are others that will offer liability insurance, such as the Lester Kalmanson Agency. Changing your insurance may turn out to be a little more expensive, but how much is the love of your dog worth?

I don't have time to spend with the dog.

Hire a dog walker. Do some research - there are plenty of people out there who will do this for a minimal fee. Advertise for one. There is also Doggie Daycare. Both of these will provide more interaction for the dog and will also make sure that he is less hyper when you come home. These are preferable alternatives to trying to find a new home for him in a short space of time, and much less stressful.

I can't find a place to live that accepts Pits / my landlord won't accept Pits.

There are organizations that will help you find accommodation that will allow pets. These are People and Pets LA, People with Pets, Pet Rent and Pet Friendly Rentals. When looking for a new place, take the dog to the interview with your potential landlord. People are much more receptive once they have met the dog and discovered that he is well-behaved. If you have any training diplomas, take them with you. You could also offer additional security deposit. Anything you can do to have the landlord accept your dog, however small it may seem, may help your case. Get references from your previous landlord, tell the landlord that you will crate the dog when you are away from the house. It is not impossible to find housing that will accept a Pit Bull, it just takes a bit of research - less than it would take for you to find the dog a new home.

We are having a baby.

And......? As long as you do not neglect the dog when the baby comes home, and you introduce them properly, there is no reason why this should be a problem. You wouldn't get rid of your oldest child when you have your second one, so why should a dog be any different? First born children will often exhibit signs of jealousy when a new baby is brought home, and this is just the same. As long as you handle it responsibly, everyone can live in harmony. Remember though, you should never leave a child unattended with any dog.

I have developed allergies to the dog.

There are plenty of remedies and medications out there to help you manage any reactions you might have. There are shampoos that you can use on the dog and medications that you can take. People live with allergies to pretty much everything, and remedies are available for almost all of them, including man's best friend!

My dog is out of control and I don't know what else to do.

If your dog is badly behaved and you don't know what to do, what makes you think that someone else would be willing to take him on? Remember, the way that the dog behaves is largely due to decisions you have made in his training and upbringing. Dogs need training and socialization, and failure to do these things lies on the owner, not the dog. Dogs are happier when they are well trained as they are more secure in their position in the home, and are getting shouted at less. Find a reputable trainer, take some classes, practice obedience in the home. There are very few dogs who cannot be trained, so before you take steps to get rid of him, first try some training - it's the least you can do. PBRSD uses a variety of trainers in the local area and would be happy to provide you with referrals.

He bit me.

If your dog has bitten you, why would you want to give him to someone else to whom he could do the same thing? When a dog bites a person, we recommend that you take him to a behaviorist to determine the reason for the bite. If the behaviorist determines that he cannot be rehabilitated, discuss with them the best options for you and the dog. Also have the dog thoroughly checked out by a vet - sometimes illnesses and pain can cause strange behaviors. Sometimes the dog might have to be put to sleep. This may seem like a strong solution, but a dog who bites is not safe, and could you forgive yourself if he seriously bit another person? We, at Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, have zero tolerance for human bites. Human aggression is, contrary to media hype, not a normal Pit Bull trait and putting a dog into the public that we know has done that before is unacceptable to us. Equally unacceptable is an owner who doesn't spend the time to assure that the reason for the bite wasn't through some fault of their own - undiagnosed illness or injury or inadequate socialization and training.

Going Somewhere?

Before you put your dog in the car and take him to the nearest place, please read the following;


When you relinquish your Pit Bull or Pit mix to an animal shelter, his chances of survival are not good. Think about that. If you take your dog to a shelter, chances are that you might be condemning him to death. It makes no difference that he is affectionate and good with cats, the fact of the matter is that most shelters do not have the resources to deal with the breed, and as such, are both less likely to take them in or use their valuable and limited resources to try and find them a suitable home. Pit Bulls make up about 40% of the dog population in shelters in California at the moment. One more is a drop in the bucket. So don't think that you are giving your dog a chance at getting a good home because you are not.


You can contact as many rescues as you want, but what you will mostly find is that the rescue is already over its capacity and cannot take any more animals. We get lots of emails from people trying to find new homes for their dogs telling us that they have received mean responses from rescues that they have emailed. People in rescue are not mean. They are broke and overstretched and receive about 30-40 emails like yours every day asking for help. You might get lucky, but don't rest all your hopes on a rescue finding your dog a home for you. Most rescues will be glad to try and help if they know that you have done everything you can to try and find the dog a new home, but they want to be sure that you as the owner have done as much as you can before asking for their help.

Finding a dog a home can take a while.

There are dogs that have been sitting in shelters for months waiting for the right home, so you have to accept that it can take some time to find a dog a home. Rescues get emails every day from people telling them that they only have a couple of days to get rid of their dog. Miracles happen, but not as often as we would like!

Spay or Neuter your dog.

Most people have no idea how important this is, not only to the health of your dog, but also to the chances of finding them the right home. There are disreputable people out there who will promise your dog a wonderful loving home, and then use them to do nothing but breed. People have contacted us asking about a dog, and when we tell them that the dog is fixed, they are not interested. They are not the kind of people you want owning your dog. Fixed dogs are more likely to be more healthy, and there is no chance of accidental pregnancy. Most rescues will not accept dogs who have not been spayed or neutered. Contact your vet or local Humane Society to find out about low spay/neuter costs.

Do the legwork.

Have you done everything possible to make your dog more visible to potential adopters? Put up flyers in Vet's offices and pet supply stores. Put an ad in the local paper. However, please do not write "free to a good home". You should take an adoption fee to discourage the wrong kind of people. There are plenty of places online where you can advertise your dog, most of them for free! - Craigslist, Pit Bull Rescue Central, Petfinder, Backpage.

The welfare of your dog is paramount.

Don't give him away to the first person who responds to your ad. Make sure you check them out thoroughly. Take a look at Pit Bull Rescue Central's tips on screening potential adopters.