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Happy Tails

Dizzy now Knox (adopted 10/22/2015)

The moment that Knox entered into our lives we knew they were forever changed. There is not one day that goes by that he doesn't receive all the cuddles, hugs, kisses and belly rubs we can give him. He is the best part of our day. He is so intuitive he already knows when its play time or if we are needing extra loving. He truly is the happiest most loving dog we have ever owned.

Stella (adopted 12/21/06)

Stella (first known as Jamie) ended up at the shelter with 3 puppies that were still nursing. Her puppies were soon adopted, but there wasn't much interest in her. PBRSD came along and saved her and then I adopted her after fostering for a short time. She was presumed to be used for breeding and still has a special place in her heart for puppies. Stella helped me foster over 20 PBRSD puppies; she's a tough, but loving foster mommy and I respect her patience.

My fiance considers her his own and we've merged our family of four dogs successfully. He even has a tattoo of her paw print. He's not the only one that's fallen for her though. She's been coming to work with me nearly every day since I got her and she's famous around the office! She makes everyone laugh with her silly pittie grunts and loves all the attention....when she's not snoring under my desk!

Even though she has been through so much, including cancer treatment, and is now believed to be over 12 years old, she still has spunk in her! She demands table scraps by smacking the table with her paw and she still tries to win a game of tug with our PBRSD boy, Ace, who is now three times as strong. She will live out the rest of her senior life as a spoiled and pampered pittie.

I'm so grateful to PBRSD for saving her. She has changed my life and I love her so much. As she cuddles next to me on the bed, I feel so lucky to have her.

Thanks, Sarah Bollman

Roosevelt now Perseus (adopted 12/09/11)

Hello There Fellow PBRSD Family Members!!

I was telling my Mommy about all the wonderful people who took care of me while I was with PBRSD, and she thought it would be a great idea to write a letter and update everyone on all the fun things I've been doing lately!

Many of you probably remember me as one of the tiny presidential puppies, but I am now a very big 9 month old - 78 pounds at my last weigh-in! I'm very tall and long for my age; Mommy says it's the Grand Dane in me. But I think it has something to do with the healthy food she gives me, the exercise I get, and all the love my family gives to me. My Mommy works as an attorney from home, so we get to enjoy lots of long walks everyday, trips to the dog park, and my Daddy takes me to the beach on his days off! On the weekends we usually go down to Long Beach and play with Mommy's best friend and her one-year old pit bull, Azul. I love playing with Azul!! We wrestle around the house for hours, play tug-of-war with his rope toys, and go on walks around the neighborhood together. I sometimes have a hard time sharing treats with Azul, especially when Mommy gives us frozen marrow bones (they are just so good!), but I'm learning to share.

I'm very proud to report that I graduated top of my puppy class this past April. They gave me special puppy treats at the end and everything! I had a little trouble at the beginning of the course because all I wanted to do was play, play, play with the other dogs, and it was especially hard for me because there was this GORGEOUS blue-nosed pit in my class named Emma. And since I'm such a handsome boy, I just had to give her kisses and wrestle with her whenever I could! But by the end of the 6-week course, I had mastered Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Off, and Heel. My Mommy and I have continued practicing the commands, and she's added Shake and Up to my repertoire. And I can even do my commands on hand signals alone now!

I am a very curious, very confident, young boy. My Mommy says I prance when I walk. I love taking baths, digging holes at the dog park, meeting new people, taking rides in the car, and chewing on fallen palm tree branches. I even get along with our cat, Trinity - although sometimes I get too close to her personal space and she swipes at me.

Our house is littered with my chew toys - it looks like Petco threw up in here! But I'm no fool; I know it's just to keep me from chewing on my parents' shoes and on the furniture. My favorite toy is this incredibly squeaky yellow duck (sometimes I play this silly game where I chomp on it while Mommy is on important conference calls, just to get her to chase me around the house! Haha!). And I love my peanut butter filled Kong, knuckle bones, and Bullysticks. YUMMO!

We live in a condo, but I'd never know that I don't have a big back yard. My parents keep me so occupied and active that by the time I get home it's naptime! I'm including a bunch of pictures of me enjoying life and growing up. Thank you to everyone who took care of me and volunteered their time and attention to making me the very special boy that I have become!!

Bogart - now Hamlet (adopted 03/27/11)

We still remember the first time we saw Hamlet picking him up from Cindy's house to foster him in March 2011. He had just been pulled from a south County animal shelter earlier that week and the poor little guy looked like a bobble head; big ol head on a little body. He had large patches of fur missing and was suffering from a pretty bad case of mange. As we approached him on Cindy's lawn and saw his tail start to wag furiously, we knew we were in love. What began as a fostering endeavor (he was our 5th dog to foster), quickly grew into something more. Hamlet would routinely find ways to crawl into our laps at every opportunity, and as his mange cleared, his appearance began to reflect the heart of gold he had on the inside.

In May 2011, we knew we could not let this special guy go and decided to adopt him. He has been clear of the mange for over 6 months now and routinely gets compliments for his sweet demeanor. Hamlet is an ambassador for the breed. Whenever he meets people, they always say, "you know, I used to be afraid of pitbulls, but now I want one!" Hamlet's gentle and loving nature warms everyone's hearts; especially ours. We cannot thank PBRSD enough for bringing us this amazing dog into our lives. We will be forever thankful.

And yes, even though he is now almost 70lbs, he still finds his way onto our laps!

Jiminy - now Cody (adopted 08/14/07)

Cody is doing great...we have worked on Basic Obedience extensively. We are working on agility obstacles, mostly for fun, but I may just go ahead and show him. We have done a little weight pull with the North Texas Bully Breed Club....and joined, they are AWESOME people!

Here are some pics of Cody all grown up....he is such a beautiful dog, and has such a great personality. We are looking into volunteering for Search and takes a LOT of training, but he is driven and has lots of prey drive. So, I think it may be a good job for him! You guys should make a little gallery for former adopted dogs, so the new parents can send in a pic or two with their new pup/ dog!

Paloma - now Charlie (adopted 10/03/09)

Just thought I'd drop you a line with an update on our little Charlie. She's doing great! We couldn't have asked for a more loving and happy pup!

She LOVES going for her daily walks and visiting the parks near our home. We have a lot of fun playing fetch with the tennis ball at the park too. Our friends and family have all given her at least 1 toy or stuffed animal each, so she has a large pile of toys that she adores. Everyday, she brings them upstairs to my office, one at a time. By the end of each day, I'm surrounded by stuffed animals, balls and dog toys! So cute!

Star (adopted 12/02/08)

Star is such a little darling. She loves tummy rubs and chasing her ball, especially when it's with kids! She loves kids, and they love her right back. She's a positively beautiful creature. She loves to play and go for long walks. When I walk her, people that I pass always call her pretty girl as she is just that darn cute! I am incredibly lucky to have found this darling little animal.

Angel (adopted 02/02/08)

Just wanted to give you all an update on our beautiful Angel. We adopted her from you all in February 2008 and Shannon was Angel (and her pups) foster mom. She is an amazing dog and even welcomed her sister (in the picture) with open paws. With her mothering instincts, she thinks she has her own puppy as opposed to a human sister, but loves her all the same. Angel is the most patient dog I have ever met and is a pure joy. Thank you for bringing her to our family.

Harry Potter (adopted 03/01/11)

Having Harry (aka Harry Potter) has been an outstanding experience. After the first interact I just knew that Harry and my other dog Bubbles were perfect for each other. I was thrilled that PBRSD let me adopt Harry. Since Harry has joined my family he and Bubbles have been inseparable. Bubbles can be a pushy girl but Harry was a true gentleman and just wanted to be friends. They constantly look for each other and are always romping around the yard playing or taking a nap together. It has also been very satisfying for me watching the two together and witnessing how happy they are, which in turn, brings me happiness. I could not have asked for a better addition to my family. Thanks to everyone at PBRSD who made this possible.

Avery - now Beau (adopted 05/15/06)

Adopting Beau (used to be Avery) was one of the best decisions me and Husband have ever made. He has quite the personality, kind of 'strange', almost human like in nature, he loves us unconditionally and is always there for us. My husband is in the Military and is gone a lot, and Beau is my best friend and my rock. He has a really bad case of hip dysplasia which we are trying to figure out, but other than that, he is the happiest dog in the world. We love him so much and honestly couldn't picture our lives without him. We hope to get into a house soon so we can adopt more dogs from PBRSD. We are so so thankful for all that you do.

Tiger (adopted 03/14/06)

Your organization is wonderful, and had we not moved clear across the country we would continue to foster for you gladly. We are eternally grateful to you for saving Tiger when many other organizations would have been forced to put him down due to the cost of repairing his broken body when he was found. Yes I am biased, but I have fostered quite a few dogs here in Massachusetts and I can tell you undoubtedly that he is very special. I have never met a more loving, intuitive and sensitive dog. He loves everyone, despite having been treated so poorly before he came to us. He is a true ambassador to the breed. Everyone who comes to our house walks away with a better sense of what pit bulls are all about, despite their preconceived notions upon meeting him. 100,000 thank you's to all of the wonderful people volunteering at PBRSD! God bless!

Cash - now Bear (adopted 09/30/06)

He is phenominal, absolutely the best little guy any doggy momma could want. From day 1, he has come into work with me everyday. He loves the attention he gets from patients and absolutely adores children. Bear is a real people dog and taking him to the office as I do offers great opportunity to educate people also on the importance of adopting from shelters and rescues instead of going thru breeders and pet stores. It also allow me the opportunity to discuss with parents the importance of always monitoring their children around their dog-- kids are unpredictable and usually if an incident occurs with a family pet, it could have been prevented but unfortunately usually gets blamed on the dog. Bear now has a 14 month old human sister now too, whom he absolutely loves. She "helps" hold his leash from her stroller when we all walk together too. Her first word was "dada" second was "Bear" then "dog". "momma" didn't come along until much later on.

Bear is the sweetest little pea pod you can ever imagine. And, my bringing him into the office as I've done, he's inspired the acupuncturist down the hallway from us to adopt a shelter pup also, a puggle mix perfectly named "Piggie". Despite their size difference, they play beautifully together.

You'll crack up to hear that one night while walking in Chula Vista, Bear and I ran across a stray yellow lab, unneutered male. He was sweet with people, but mean with other dogs. I called animal control out to see what to do. While waiting for the officer, I grabbed an extra leash out of my suv to restrain the lab so he wouldn't wander off. Bear and I sat near by him on a park bench. When the officer came up to us, he sat down beside Bear on the bench, started petting him and said "I can't really do anything about that dog, lady, he's a yellow lab. I can't even take him into the shelter, you'll have to do it. Now, if he was a mean, nasty breed like a pit bull, then I could get someone out here to restrain him." The whole time while he explained this to me, he was petting Bear. Then he said "you're dog is so sweet and well trained, what kind of breed is he, anyway?" I let him know that he was "a mean, nasty pit bull" and then explained to him that "it's all in the training, any dog when mistreated can become a bad dog." Needless to say, I took Bear home, went back for the other dog to take him to the shelter then.

Chloe (adopted 06/29/06)

Chloe is doing great. We've been together about 5 years now. She's in excellent health according to her veterinarian, had her teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago and has the energy of a puppy. She has a wonderful disposition and loves to be in the company of other dogs, especially big ones. She has a play date scheduled for today with her BFF, Malaika.

Memphis - now Maggie (adopted 07/28/06)

Her new name is now Maggie... and she is doing very well. She did have severe hip dysplasia which required surgery but she recovered and is very much enjoying her life. Our home in Westlake Village is up against a mile long park and creek where she gets to play with other dogs (and her hairy step sister Callie) on a daily basis. After, she loves to take a swim in the pool and do it again. She also very much enjoys romping in the snow and through the creek and acres of aspen trees behind her second home in Park City.

She really does have an outstanding life. She gets to play with her adopted sister (they are both black and white) and our two teenage kids. We take her everywhere... never board her. My dad said it best, he said, "I want to be reincarnated as one of your dogs."

Zeus (adopted 10/08/06)

Zeus is doing really well these days! He is a wonderful dog and we're so happy we were able to give him a good life. We take him on vacation with us and he is great company when I'm going for a walk or a run. Almost a year ago we adopted a shepherd mix, Jaz, and they're the best of friends. Our female chihuahua, Allie, still makes sure to get her cuddle time with Zeus though.

Holly (adopted 07/28/06)

We adopted Holly to be a sister to Bucky who was the sweetest dog ever. His original owner locked him in the bathroom and committed suicide. Bucky was in the bathroom for 3 days before he was found and never barked or cried. He was perfect in so many ways and deserved a sibling to play with after all he'd been through.

After test driving several dogs we settled on Holly. She certainly rocked Bucky's world and ours too. Holly has more personality than most presidential candidates combined with super model looks. She's always dressed impeccably and her outfit works for every occasion from weekend lounging to black tie affair.

Holly moved in quickly and took to eating shoes, furniture and other items around the house. Once, as my wife was packing for a business trip, Holly stole and shredded a brand new pair of shoes purchased specifically for a formal outfit. No matter what mischief she got into she was so cute it didn't matter. Holly, like Bucky was a hit at the dog park as they converted many pittie paranoids into bully believers. More than once I had people tell me she was the happiest sweetest dog they'd ever met.

We adopted Holly five years ago and she's been through a lot since then. Her brother Bucky succumbed to cancer, she got a new brother Simon (from PBRSD) and a new sister Blanca. She's had knee surgery and a tooth removed. Through it all she's kept her happy demeanor, energy and willfulness. She's top dog and she knows it but playfully demurs whenever she's in the presence of other dogs or people.

We love our queen bee and couldn't be happier that she's in our life. Thanks to PBRSD for all they do and the unconditional love they bring into our lives.

See a video of my two PBRSD pups.

Simon (adopted 12/17/08)

Simon came to us just weeks after we put our first boy dod to sleep. We were still reeling from his loss and knew the best remedy is to adopt another kid as soon as possible. The fact that Simon was available, resembled our previous boy and needed to be sprung from the kennel all made for an excellent match. One thing remained. Would his prospective sister, Holly (also adopted from PBRSD) accept him. After meeting Simon I thought he'd be a fine addition to the family so we arranged a meeting with Holly. They hit it off quickly so we agreed to adopt him. That night we picked him up and he spent the first night "learning the ropes".

Simon quickly settled in and was the perfect tonic for our souls. He was happy, easy going and most of all joyously playful. That was nearly three years ago. In that time Simon and Holly have truly bonded. It's rare to see her without him at her side or pressed up against her. They play every day and keep each other active and occupied when we're not home. A bit too active sometimes perhaps if the occasional moved pillow or emptied trash can is any indication.

Trips to the beach where Simon learned to swim and our daily walks in Morley Field keep Simon handsome and fit. It's hard to imagine that he was getting over mange and kind of ragged when we first got him when you look at his smooth shiny coat now. He's our baby bear who sleeps in bed with us every night. We can't imagine our lives without him and will always be grateful that PBRSD rescued him so he could rescue us.

See a video of my two PBRSD pups.


Maui (adopted 10/31/08)

We adopted Maui October 31st, 2008. When she arrived at our house she had her hackles up, tail tucked and head down. She was scared. She didn't want to play and would prefer that we ignored her alltogether. My husband saw something special in Maui that I didn't see. He absolutely had to have her. We made Maui a part of our family and saw changes instantly. Maui's personality started to come out in adorable ways. She loved flying up onto our tall bed and wrestling with my husband. When things calmed down for the evening, she burrowed her way under the covers. Maui now knows all of her commands, can open and close doors, and is best friends with our 8 month old daughter. She is truly a blessing. Thank you PBRSD, Maui has changed our lives forever. Maui's next endeavor is to become a therapy dog for Riverside County Office of Education. She will be using her calm demeanor to help autistic students learn basic life skills.


Marley (adopted 11/22/09)

Well, a week has passed and we couldn't love our Marley only more than when we first adopted her. She plays with Midnight and Zoey like crazy, cuddles up on the couch and lets you pet her while watching tv, and follows you around when she has a sense that you might be heading out the door for a drive somewhere.

We have made her new name Marley Susie Who from Whoville, or baby girl, and of course, the Mar-Mar and lady Marmalade!!! Our serious conversations start out with "Marley Susan" when we are having a talk about how she is NOT going back to the kennel and that she is truly home.

She has free reign to go upstairs or to wander around the house. Our kitchen, dining room and living room all connect through doorways and the first day that I let her off her leash, she just ran and ran around in a circle through each room until she ran into the water dish and knocked it all over the dining room floor!

Jay Jay

JayJay (Adopted 11/05/05 - RIP 05/21/09)

It all started Halloween, October 31, 2005. I remember seeing that old boy on Channel 10 News, on his back, legs kicking and that goofy smile. I knew his life had been hard just by looking at him. But I also saw that once he was rescued by you and Pitbull Rescue, he was finally getting the treatment he deserved. Knowing JayJay had been treated badly probably most of his life, I was amazed at how much he loved people and how friendly he was. His heart and soul were pure and full of love.

For the past 4 years JayJay has been the smile in my life and I have made sure that his golden years were truely golden. Even with his bumps and bruises, he was always happy and ready to flop on his back and start kicking! He would hear my car pull into the garage and the minute I am out of the car, I can hear his feet above doing a little tap dance in the kitchen waiting for me to come up the stairs. Always with his big goofy, loving smile, he greeted me. I always looked forward to it.

He loved my two black cats, Princess and Buddy. They have been wondering around looking for him. I can see clearly they are sad too now that he is gone.

Diamond (Adopted 06/07/2008)

Diamond was the first dog that we vowed to save. By the time she was adopted, she had spent six months in the shelter, narrowly escaping euthanasia many times. She had the worst luck of any dog that we have worked with - every foster and potential adopter that expressed an interest flaked on her. In the end, she stayed with Kate for a couple of days, and a wonderful couple adopted Diamond directly from her.
Diamond was one in a million - a sucker for tummy rubs, and one of the most affectionate dogs we have ever been around.

Sweetpea (Adopted 11/17/06)

Sweet Pea is the greatest. She is a very happy girl and gets along great with her four sisters and two cousins.  She loves to play in the water and then have a hot bath after a vigorous romp through the sprinklers. She loves to go on long walks and is getting better about not pulling so much. She sleeps in bed with me and her three little Chihuahua sisters.

She is the queen of the house. People stop us all the time to ask what kind of dog she is and if we have puppies. I always refer them to the website and encourage people to adopt a pit bull that is already here. Oh, before I forget...she also gets along great with her cousin...Nibus....a cat. Not only does she love other four legged creatures, she loves people too. I will never regret adopting Sweet Pea. She has the best personality of all my four legged children. She loves kisses and hugs. She is by my side all the time... I hope more people will see how much love these dogs can give if given a chance.

Homer (Adopted 07/31/06)

submitted 08/06/06

I Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Homer and say thank you again! He's absolutely wonderful and we don't know how we ever got along without him. Homer and our other dog Charlie have become inseparable and play together so, so well. Were so grateful to have him in our family and really appreciate your help in getting him here! Thanks again! - Peggi and Dave

Baby (Adopted 01/09/06)

Since we got Baby in January, she has been nothing but wonderful! As you can see, she is a couch hog, we call her QUEEN OF THE SOFA. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I could have hoped for. All she wants to do is have you rub her belly. She meets someone for the first time and is instantly on her back wanting a belly rub! Thank you Pit Bull Rescue for helping me find my best friend!

Marcie and Josh

Jerri (Adopted 01/30/06)

Jerri is doing great! She is such a sweet little girl and loves everyone and all the attention she gets. She has lots of people and dog friends to keep her company. She has adapted to her new home very well,  and seems to be very happy. My roommate and I love her very much and she has made our home complete :)


Cadbury (now Finley) (Adopted 01/12/06)

Finley (Cadbury) is doing great.  Finley goes on many walks with his brother and sister.  We go around the neighborhood as well as to fiesta island.  He really loves his brother and sister (Dexter and Stella), he even insists on eating with them.  I used to feed him over by his kennel, but he stopped eating when I put it there, he would only start to eat when I would move his bowl over near where the other dog bowls are.  I guess he wants to be with the big boys  They on there other hand still occasionally look at me like, "mom what were you thinking!"

Finley is so wonderful, he has such an exuberance for life, which is so amazing considering his precarious start in life. He really helps to keep me realizing that I am lucky and shouldn't take anything for granted.

- Kristin MacDonald

Lizzy (Adopted 02/02/06)

Lizzy and yourself were godsends. As you know I was going through a very difficult break-up and having happy, bouncing Lizzy around was the best medicine one could prescribe. She is the sweetest, friendliest, most playful dog in town. Ask anyone at Dog Beach and they'll tell you the same. I count myself very fortunate to have adopted her. At first I was very skeptical about adopting a pitbull, so as you know I just volunteered to be a foster parent. But when I picked Lizzy up and saw that she jumped right in my car and later put her big sweet head on my arm while I was driving - I knew then I had to keep her. She is indeed my best friend. Thank you Kate and everyone else at Pit Bull Rescue.


Hope (Adopted 06/01/06)

Hope was brought into the rescue with a sad tale to tell. A good samaritan had found her on the streets very malnourished, and in very painful labor. Unfortunately none of her pups survived the emergency c-section, but fortunately for Hope she was taken under PBRSD's umbrella and was given a great foster home. Her foster dad took great care of her and allowed this girl to transform herself from an anemic and underweight dog to a very pampered diva. Things haven't change since coming into our home either! Though she might have some issues stemming from her bleak past, we wouldn't give her up for the world. We try our best to do right by her and provide her a home she should've had in the first place. Thanks Pit Bull Rescue (and her foster dad John) for finding this girl and keeping her in a good place. She's our favorite little diva...and my grandmother's too!

-Many Thanks, Nisha Dattaray and Shaun Alia

Aries (03/17/06)

I adopted Aries a little over a year ago and just wanted to think you again for giving him a second chance. He is the most loving, sweet, fun, dog I have ever owned. He is so good in every situation, great with all animals, and my two kids. I am still waiting for the right time to Foster as I promised to do after adopting Aries. We are currently still renting though but we should have our own house sometime next year! Thank you again for patching this guy up we all know what would have happened if he had been left at the shelter. He has converted a lot of anti-pitbull people in my town to pitbull advocates! I can only hope that he can help save more dogs like him.

Erin Bean and Aries (renamed from Ojo)

Reyna (Adopted 03/05/07)

I just wanted to send along a couple of photos of Abby (Reyna) so you could see how happy and healthy she is now. When we agreed to foster her we had no idea she would become such an important part of our lives. She is a huge couch potato and is happiest when she is cuddling up with us on the sofa or in bed. She and her little sister Peyton get along well and even the kitties don't mind having her around!

Thanks again for bringing this special dog into our lives!

Cheers, Erin & Chris

Ophelia (aka Pumpkin Head) (Adopted 05/31/07)

Happy go lucky Ophelia, who never met a person she did not like. She is the social butterfly at the dog park. She now lives with her older sister Nemi (dane/lab mix) and Buddha (pit/lab mix). The three are thick of thieves, and love to sit on the sofa (mom and dad now sit on the floor). As with most pits, she also loves to burrow in bed. It is a good thing she was adopted by someone with a King size bed. Ophelia wants to thank Pit Bull Rescue for pulling her out of the shelter, and giving her wonderful fosters, the last of which adopted her, making Ophelia a "failed fosterling."