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Board of Directors

Kim Smith, Secretary/Treasurer/Web Manager PBRSD - Editor Kim's Fuzzies

Kim Gorga
Board President, Web Manager, Corporate Branding

Kim is a dedicated animal lover. She currently shares her home with two cats named Tobee and Buddy. 2016 was a rough year where she lost several of her pets and, like every good pet owner, she is taking her time to find the right new canine fits for her home while enjoying the process of fostering many different pups in the meantime. Kim is a strong advocate of adopting rescue and shelter animals. Among many clients she represents in her role as a brand manager is a national spay/neuter organization, where she gets to showcase many of the intricacies of national animal welfare. She truly does get to live the micro and macro vision of animal welfare.

Ann Smalley, Foster Director

Ann Smalley
Board Vice President, Finance Director

Ann truly is the master of all. With an extensive business background, Ann is able to step seamlessly into any role and perfect the process in order to hand it over to other team members. An avid and experienced foster parent, many of the dogs in our program over the past couple of years have spent at least one night with her "pack". Ann has superior dog interaction and behavioral knowledge, as well as being able to understand some of the medical challenges of dogs in our program. A vibrant people person, Ann excels at motivating our volunteers, as well as senior team.

David Klein
Board Secretary, Fundraising, Events

David joined the team in 2011. He has long been a supporter of various Pit Bull Rescues in San Diego and has a passion for the breed that is unequalled. David's expertise is in fundraising and hopes to help expand the rescues ability to help those dogs for whom monetary obstacles prohibit their entrance into our organization.

Senior Team


Alicia Anthony

Executive Director

Alicia started volunteering with PBRSD in June, 2010, helping at events with either dog handling or taking photos. She didn't know it at the time, but she met her future dog, Ozzie, at the first PBRSD event she and her husband volunteered at. Soon after they started volunteering they moved to a place that allowed them to foster, and Ozzie was their first foster dog. They soon became foster failures and adopted him, and they couldn't be happier. She states that "Every day he makes us laugh and we can't imagine life without him in it."

When she's not on PBRSD duty she designs and lays out a local equine magazine, and is a sports photographer.

Jaime Pettigrew

Events Director


Kathryn Welch

Foster Director

Amy Hargrove

Adoptions Director
Amy began volunteering for PBRSD in November 2010. Het first "job" was walking and transporting dogs. Shortly after that, she became the medical appointment coordinator, making vet appointments for the dogs in the rescue. A few months later, she was asked to become a foster for two puppies, and fell in love with Peach, one of her foster puppies. Amy and her husband Bob then joined the ranks of "foster failures", adding Peach to their empty nest after their grown daughters created their own successful, independent lives and established their own homes.

After having lost their Rhodesian/Lab mix Jack in 2004, and her retirement from working in the telecommunications field for almost 35 years in 2007, Amy found herself looking for a canine friend to keep her company. She and Bob adopted their 11 year old chocolate lab Bailey in 2009. When Sugar, their grand-pup pit bull, joined Bailey at their home for doggie-day-care several days a week, the criticisms and fears of others towards the breed turned both Bob and Amy into advocates for this much maligned breed.. After losing Bailey last November, and hoping to provide Peach with some company, the Hargroves brought a friend's kitty to live with them temporarily. Peach and Xylem have become fast friends!

Accepting the role of Adoptions Director allows Amy to track and vicariously experience the positive aspect of Rescue, seeing new families created through adoption of dogs seeking their forever homes.

Outside of her doggie duties, Amy enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Wendy Brock

Administrative Director
In 2009 I unknowingly bought a puppy from a small-scale puppy mill. After being educated about the mistreatment of dogs in puppy mills as well as dealing first-hand with the health issues that puppies from the mills have, I decided to donate and support various rescues. I still wanted to do more so, in 2012, I started to volunteer at PBRSD doing admin work. Because I was afraid I would fall in love with the every dog, I thought this would be the best way for me to help out without actually meeting the dogs. Early in 2014, I took the leap into volunteering at adoption events as well as taking various foster dogs on the group walks. In April, 2014 I started to help out with training classes as well. Even though I was hesitant in the beginning to interact with dogs for fear of wanting to adopt them all, spending time with them and getting to know them all is the most rewarding feeling. I enjoy each and every moment I get to spend with the dogs until they find their forever homes.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my own dogs Lily and Lucy, doing crossfit, reading and doing yoga.

My administrative responsibilities with PBRSD include keeping files current on all the dogs in the rescue, checking the mail, sending adopters records for their new family member, transferring ownership of the dogs with Animal Control, registering the dogs microchips and processing new volunteer applications. Many of the administrative management skills I use in my day job have been very useful in helping PBRSD to stay the professionally run organization that we are.


Medical Director